Classic Visual Radio

The very first Visual Radio interview from 1995 is on the classic
Marty Balin – Live At The Boston Esplanade, June 14, 2008 Produced and Directed by Joe Viglione, out worldwide on
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The first show took Franchot Lubin and I down to Toads in Connecticut to tape a tremendous show by the Jefferson Starship. Then I had to track down Marty Balin in Harvard Square. “Just go to a bookstore, Joe, you’ll find me.” That’s how Marty told me to set up the interview. Yeah, which bookstore? Barnes & Noble at the Harvard Coop or the Harvard Square bookstore? No way, I simply phoned his dad and got the hotel #. It was across the street from the House of Blues. Teo said we couldn’t tape at the House of Blues but that he wanted to watch so we went to Marty’s hotel room and taped there. Fifteen years later around 2009 or 2010 we issued Marty Balin Live on the Boston Esplanade so the DVD took about 15 years to make, taping the June 14, 2008 program, of course.

Visual Radio host Joe Viglione was the personal videographer for Ben Orr of the Cars back in 1997-1998. This was the first show we taped at Government Center for 93.7 FM

Visual Radio #57 in 1997 with Ben Orr “Drive”
Too Hot to Stop from the show
Do You Know What it Feels Like ? Do You Know What It Feels Like.. Benjamin Orr Video Credit.. Joe Viglione.. Visual Radio Boston City Hall Plaza… 1997 Shared so Benjamin fans could enjoy.
Visual Radio #57 Let’s Go and Drive
Jodie Foster on Visual Radio with Joe Viglione
Nov 10, 2011 Captain Charles Moore on Visual radio with Joe viglione
Dec 19, 2013 Allan Merrill “I Love Rock N Roll”